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Gun Trusts

A gun trust is a special type of trust that deals with the unique issues that arise from the purchase, ownership, transfer, possession, and use of firearms. The GunTrustDepot™ Gun Trust is designed to simply and effectively deal with both regular firearms as well as Title II (class 3) weapons.

Approval must first be given by the ATF in order to legally own a Title II weapon:

Short Barrel Rifles (SBR)
Short Barrel Shotguns (SBS)
Suppressors (Silencers)
Fully Automatic Firearms
A gun trust can help streamline the process of obtaining these firearms by speeding up the ATF approval process and bypassing some of the transfer requirements. Using a trust can be especially helpful in situations where you area’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer is unwilling to sign the ATF Form 4 or Form 1 required for transfer.

There are many benefits to using a Gun Trust to purchase and hold your firearms:

  • No Chief Law Enforcement Officer (Sheriff) signature required for ATF application.
  • No registration, fingerprints, photographs, or other filing requirements – your information remains private!
  • Name beneficiaries and provide legal transfer of your Title II weapons if something were to happen to you. Trust items do not need to go through probate at your death.
  • Trust assets given to beneficiaries are protected from creditors, judgements, and bankruptcy.
  • No limit to the number of Title II items added to the trust.
  • No expiration or annual fees associated with the trust.
  • Protect others, such as a spouse, child or friend, from issues of constructive possession or other violations of Federal law.
  • Allow others to be authorized users of your NFA firearms without violation of the National Firearms Act.

How it Works

Our refined process generates your gun trust in 7 easy steps:

Enter basic details such as your name and address.
Select a trust package.
Specify who will replace the original trustor upon their death.
Name beneficiaries who will receive the items in the trust upon the death of the trustor.
Provide the names of other users (trustees) of the trust.
Give a name to your trust.
Pay using a credit card.
Once these steps are complete, you can download, print, sign and notarize your new NFA gun trust. After that, new and existing firearms (such as Class 3 / Title II) can be easily added to the trust.

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