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Nickel Boron (NiB) Coating

Alkaline Electroless Nickel Boron (NiB) is an autocatalytic coating process. The coating is deposited from an aqueous solution which contains either an alkylamineborane or sodium borohydride as a reducing agent, a source of nickel Ions, a buffer, complexant, and control chemicals. Alkaline nickel boron coatings are classified as Type 1, Nickel thallium boron or Type 2, nickel boron.

In 2000, the patent was issued for Generation 4 nickel boron, (US patent 6066406, C. Edward McComas). Generation 4 was characterized by the implementation of lead tungstate as the stabilizer in place of thallium sulfate. UCT Coatings Inc. holds the exclusive rights to Generation 4 under the brand names UltraCem, Fail Zero, and EXO.

Why get your firearm parts coated in NiB?

Increased corrosion resistance
Increased wear resistance
Increased lubricity
Less cleaning required
“2-tone appearance”
Rifle Parts we can coat:

The carrier assembly, bolt, extractor & cam pin (Gas key will not be removed & acceptance is subject to incoming inspection)
All BCG calibers (5.56, 6.8, .308, etc.)
Rifle Parts: $150/BCG component group. Price includes the disassembly and reassembly of the BCG. Turnaround time: 7-14 days from the date of the receipt.

Handgun Parts we can coat:

Most handgun models (Smith & Wesson, HK, Sig Sauer, Springfield, Colt 1911, etc.)
Slide & barrel only, with exception of the extractor
Frames not accepted
Acceptance subject to incoming inspection
Must include original handgun serial number (Barrel O/D only)
Handgun Parts: $125/each component – or $200/both. Price includes breakdown of the slide & removal/installation of sights. Turnaround time: 7-14 days from date of receipt.

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