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About us

est 2010

Founded in Steubenville, OH.

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About Smith Outfitters

Smith Outfitters, formerly known as Smith Law Enforcement Gear was founded in the Fall of 2010, in the small town of Steubenville, OH. as a means to fill the void in the law enforcement marketplace.


In 2012 I obtained a Federal Firearms License (FFL). Later, in 2013 I added another license by becoming a class 3 dealer; holding a Special Occupational Tax (SOT). This new license enabled my company to sell suppressors, short barrel firearms and fully automatic weapons to all whom qualify.


In 2015 I changed the business name to Smith Outfitters, LLC to accompany the growth and expansion of goods and services offered. Among our new product lines are fishing, hunting and camping gear. Smith Outfitters is aiming to be your local one-stop shop for the gear you need to get you out there.


We also opened a second location in Weirton, WV as a satellite store which allowed us to offer Gunsmithing, Transfers, and Gun Shows in West Virginia. Even though we didn’t have inventory at the new location we are still able to make the sales from our Ohio location and transfer them to the WV location for pickup for those restricted items like pistols, frames, and receivers.


In 2018 I acquired my SOT license for my WV location allowing us to buy and sell all NFA items to WV residents and allowing us to transfer NFA items to and from our OH location.

In 2020 I acquired my Type 07 Manufacturing License and we opened the new shop located at 236 Avery Avenue, Steubenville, OH 43952. With this new license type we will now be able to make our own firearms and NFA items. 


In 2021 Smith Outfitters launched its own branded AR15 called the S15. The S15 comes as a striped lower to a fully built firearm, can even be special built with the parts you want on top of a custom cerakote coating.
In 2022 Smith Outfitters purchased a JPT 50 Watt MOPA Fiber laser. With this fiber laser we are now able to take our customization to a whole other level. Another benefit is additional services; surface engraving, deep engraving, NFA markings, and laser stippling.


From the creation of this business in 2010 to present day I have stood behind our products and services and will continue to do so for many years to come. No matter how small or large my company may become in the future our customers are number one; without them my business is nothing.

In 2023, Smith Outfitters officially became Cerakote certified applicators. More information and our projects can be viewed HERE.

Meet the Team

Matt Smith


I served as a Peace Officer in Ohio at various departments across the span of 6 years. Even though I am no longer a Peace Officer for Ohio I still plan to serve the publice service departments and their employees in my surrounding area. As I continue to grow my business I would like to buy property to build a bigger retail location along with an indoor and outdoor range.


I plan to continue to grow my business as well as serve the public service departments and their employees in my surrounding area, buy land to build a store, create an indoor/outdoor range and become a training facility. 

WEst virginia Location

Shawn Smith

In 2015 I incorporated my brother, Shawn Smith, to Smith Outfitters. With him by my side I am proud to call Smith Outfitters a family run business. Shawn is the certified gunsmith who will operate our Weirton, West Virginia location. This location allows us the availability to work on firearms but most importantly it allows us to sell and transfer firearms into another state; opening up the market to more customers that live close to our main store but couldn’t purchase a handgun without transferring it to a shop in WV. The approval of our WV FFL at our Weirton gun shop has now eliminated that problem. Those who live across the border no longer have to pay transfer fees when purchasing a firearm from one of our two locations. However, when sending a firearm to one of the two locations from another shop or online store the fee is still $35 for the 1st item and $5 additional for each firearm up to the max of $50.

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