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Gun Stippling

If you’re not familiar with stippling, it’s essentially burning tinny dots into polymer handgun frames, grips, fore ends, rail panels and even magazines like PMAGs. Why do this? As the soldering iron burns a dot or other pattern into the polymer, it leaves behind a raised surface that enhances the texture and aids in your ability to “grip” the stippled product.

As mentioned, the typical tool in stippling is the old standby soldering iron. While it’s purpose has always been electrically heating up solder to connect electrical components. Stipplers have found another use for them in our industry which is similar to pyrography (burning designs into wood and plastic). In addition to the textured surface stippling provides, it’s truly art as well. I’ve seen many stippled patterns that I’d certainly classify as artistic.

The root of stippling isn’t to make a gun pretty though; it’s to provide a better grip. As mentioned, I’ve never been thoroughly convinced stippling is truly beneficial, until I tried it myself.

If you aren’t one of those people with a steady hand, artistic, or just afraid to ruin the polymer frame of a handgun aka the “firearm” then I would recommend you use our services.

If you have a specific style or pattern you are interested in, send us a message. We have done a lot of jobs where the customer wanted a specific pattern or texture.

Hand Stippling



  • Combat Stipple: $250
  • Carry Stipple: $280
  • Bark Stipple: $250
  • Brick Stipple: $265
  • Maze Stipple: $275
  • Trigger Undercut: Free with stipple
  • Finger Groove Removal: Free with Stipple
  • Finger Groove Deepening: Free with Stipple
  • Support Hand Undercut: $48
  • Grip Reduction to Smaller Model Frame: $60

Laser Stippling

Engraving Rates:
Glock / Pistol Frame Texturing / stippling:
Basic package for sides and index points only include disassembly, sanding down smooth of the factory texture, engraving of pattern and borders and reassembly:

  • Sub-Compact: $120
  • Compact: $130
  • Full Size: $140

Additional options:

  • Trigger undercut: $15
  • Memory Cut: $20
  • Finger groove removal and engraving: $45
  • Backstrap sanding down and engraving (gen 4’s only): $30
  • Logo inset inside a stippling design: $25 per side.
  • Cerakote application single color: $75
  • Contact us for exact quotes on Cerakote patterns / multiple colors / themes.

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