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Upcoming events and raffles at Smith Outfitters, LLC

Include but are not limited to:
Raffles/ Bashes

Firearms Training

Food Trucks at the Shop

Supervised Machine Gun Rentals


Currently offering firearms training in all different skill levels from beginner to advance that build upon each other emphasizing safety, proper grip, sight allignment, and sight picture.


  • Introduction to firearm / CCW
  • Advanced Pistol 101
  • Advanced Pistol 102
  • Carbine Rifle 101
  • OPOTA Firearm recertifications
  • Church Security
  • Pending – School Security

OPOTC Law Enforcement Firearms Re-qualification

The Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission Ohio Law Enforcement Firearms Re-qualification Program is offered at Smith Outfitters, LLC by OPOTC-certified instructors for active, retired, and former officers. We are able to provide re-qualification for officers on revolvers, semi autos, police patrol rifles and shotguns carried the way the officer carries on duty.

NOTE: It is up to the officer to check and ensure that his/her agency will accept our OPOTC re-qualification. Some agencies mandate officers re-qualify with the agency instructor. We are an option for officers who miss their agency’s re-qualification, who are retired, or for other firearms instructors who can’t re-qualify themselves.

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