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As far as firearm coatings go, Cerakote shoots down every competitor in every aspect. Ultra-durable and offering vast amounts of environmental protection, Cerakote can guard your gun whilst ensuring the finish is to your desired aesthetic. From handguns to rifles, you can safeguard your entire collection with the help of Cerakote firearm finish.


Cerakote is a valuable addition to any gun owner’s arsenal. When taking care of your firearms, it’s important to ensure that the physical performance properties of the shooter are tended to. Unlike other finishes, Cerakote doesn’t simply add a temporary finish to your gun that easily erodes away after a few rounds. It coats your firearm with a Polymer-Ceramic Composite coating that adds visual appeal to your gun, as well as a custom finish of your choosing. To really go above and beyond our excelling of competing brands, our product also adds unwavering protection to your gun.


The revolutionary formulation used to create the unique Cerakote gun coating enhances various physical performance properties when using your firearm. It offers wear, corrosion and chemical resistance as well as strengthening the impact resistance and hardness of the gun. To ensure the highest level of quality is maintained, we rigorously test these properties to maintain our position at the forefront of the firearm finish world. We use innovative technology coupled with various degrees of testing to make sure this product delivers on its promise.


We offer different coating colors and types. From sleek Graphite Black to Zombie Green or Smith & Wesson Red to Bright White – the colors are as diverse and as silky or matte as you’d expect. For the firearm coating, we have four options; clear coating, high temp firearm coating, Gen II firearm coating and dry film lubricant firearm coating. Within each of these four categories is multiple subcategories to even further customize your firearm. We have everything you could possibly need keep your gun healthy and looking just the way you want it.

To prove further why we are the brand of choice for many gun owners, it might be worthwhile to mention that many customers have used our product and been astounded when their gun begins to feel better to the hold and starts to perform at a better rate than previously. Cerakote can also aid you in looking after your gun when you have perhaps been a little neglectful – uncleaned guns just left in their range bag until next time would often begin to carry a little surface rust. Cerakote ensures that your gun maintains it’s a high level of steadfast protection for dozens and dozens of scenarios.


To use our service is simple – simply tell us what you want (i.e. colors and design), and ensure we receive your gun. We then completely dismantle the gun in order to completely clean the parts that will be coated. This process means giving these parts an acetone bath – this really gets rid of the unwanted dirt, oil and grease. We then fully prep the gun before sand blasting all the parts that require coating with aluminum oxide. Then we hang the parts for coating of our unique Cerakote finish. One final exam of the hanging parts then leads to a successful coating of the finish being applied. A quick spin and then the parts are off into the baking oven to finish. Once done, we ensure a thorough inspection of the completed product to guarantee it lives up to and meets our superior high quality and delivers on its promise. Your gun is then reassembled and delivered back to you, better than new.


You needn’t simply take our word for it – the proof is out there. You only need to look as far as YouTube and you can see some of our durability tests on guns that have been coated in our product. These videos will show you how these guns are really put to the test and we can assure you – no other gun coating company can match us on the durability test.

Cerakote vs other methods

Plenty of people ask why they should cerakote their equipment over other methods like anodizing or blueing. There are so many benefits to cerakote that the list would be too big to put here. 


Luckily, our friends over at posted an excellent write up on everything you need to know!

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